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Table sauces, chutneys and pickles
Gravy mixes, herbs and spices etc.
Sweets, chocolate and savoury snacks
Preserves and spreads - sweet
Preserves and spreads - savoury
Biscuits - savoury
Biscuits - sweet
Beverages - cold

Beverages - hot
Breakfast Cereals
Tinned and dried vegetables and soup
Fish, meat and vegetarian products
Indian/Chinese/Thai Cuisine
Bakery products - Cakes and Bread
Nuts and Seeds
Dairy - cheese, cream and cooking fats
Bacon and Sausages
Alcoholic Drinks

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Our product range and prices

We stock an extremely wide range of foodstuffs, both fresh and in packets, jars, bottles and tins, plus many seasonal items. In addition we carry a large stock of greetings and postcards, and second hand books.
Please contact us for a full list of our products!

We also stock
.........Greetings Cards and Books
.........Household items
.........Seasonal Products - Christmas and Easter, etc.
.........(see our Newsletter)


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